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Get well soon Rodney!
On behalf of Devialet Chat I'd like to wish one of our members - Rodney Gold from Cape Town - a speedy recovery. He leaves hospital today.

Rodney posted this on WBF yesterday (

"2 weeks ago had a massive heart attack.. resulting in an open heart quad bypass a few days later. Prognosis for me looks very good , I am out the hospital tommorow.
I feel like I have been hit by a truck tho .. and have to spend a month at home.
Im moving into my music room for the month , ground floor , upstairs to my bedrooms etc requires a 22 steps up a spiral staircase that is none tooo safe

Nothing about hifi came to mind as I was "dying"... mostly stuff like I hope my wife an kid do ok and find all my investments etc... if I had actually shuffled off this mortal coil.. my hifi would have been taken care of re sale and appraisal by a pal

In the interim , I got lucky , dodged a bullet and have a fresh restart... in celebration gonna get me that other Deviialet D premier I want .. to make a dual monoblock 500 watt system

Overalll, after all this ,my mindset has a spade a friggen shovel and avoid or chase away fools and bulldust artists without blinking an eye."

Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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Get well soon Rodney, hope all is well. It is amazing the lengths you'll go to justify an upgrade

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Wish you all the best :-)!


We're going to be twins then - A pair of D-Premier Matte Black owners Tongue  

Sorry to hear about your heart by-pass, but hopefully your on the mend now. My wife's father had 3 heartaches almost 20 years ago and is still going strong in his early 80's, so you'll get there mate!!!

Yes, family are number one when things are on a bit of a low, but I'm sure they will help you get through the next month, and get you back on to a healthy path.

She'll be right mate  Big Grin
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Australia (Perth)
Take care and get well.
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All the best for a speedy recovery.
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(15-Aug-2016, 14:06)Chris Marshall Wrote: Get well soon Rodney, hope all is well.  It is amazing the lengths you'll go to justify an upgrade

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And to have a month living in the music room.

Seriously though, all the best for a speedy recovery.

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Let the family take care of you and get well, that's the priority now. Reward them, too, I'm sure it's been tough for them, too.

All the best, and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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Rodney, I wish you good recovery and take care!

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Hope you have a speedy recovery, Rodney and you're back on your feet soon!
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