Poll: How many files (tracks) in your digital music library?
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1 to 3000
9 6.29%
3000 to 6000
10 6.99%
6000 to 10000
14 9.79%
10000 to 15000
17 11.89%
15000 to 20000
15 10.49%
20000 to 30000
17 11.89%
30000 to 50000
23 16.08%
50000 to 100000
19 13.29%
100000 +
15 10.49%
I do not have a digital music library
4 2.80%
Total 143 vote(s) 100%
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How big is your music library
Back in the days, I only have jriver to rip them to DSD128 format.. Flac is only about 1TB saved from my McIntosh media server. The rest is combination of ripped, bought and downloaded Dsd128
For now, I'm mostly using the music cloud to listen to the songs. But still, I enjoy my walkman with CDs of One Direction and Akon, etc.

Eat, Gym, Game, Me > https://goo.gl/Nbs6cM
Thousands of vinyl records, thousands of cd´s, zero music files, for now.
I don´t listen them anymore, just streaming.
I don´t know if it will be useful to rip all the cd´s. There´s Tidal, Qobuz, etc, etc.
Hello, 85% ripped from my CD collection, the rest is HighRes Download. Total, 45000 tracks (all Flac). In the ripping action I have destroyed 3 external CD drives! Confused
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Germany / Bavaria
5,050 or so digital tracks.
1,500 or so vinyl records.

Still most listening done on streaming.
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This is where I start to feel like a dinosaur. Building a digitally-stored music library is now so much easier than it was with CDs or vinyl. I've got about 3000 albums. Of course, that also means I've put in a LOT of time collecting, downloading, ripping, tagging, organizing, etc... Hey, don't get me wrong - it's a great hobby and keeps me out of the bars (to some extent ;-), but at one point does one have enough confidence in streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, etc... to feel that there is no longer any real value in maintaining your own library? Is it inevitable? How sad.
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