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Hugo2, chordmojo, dragonfly, optical..
Hi there, I’ve been using tidal for the last month, I’m trying to get the best possible sound out of my reactors and was wondering if optical connection is the best.
As i is use iPhone and iPad as my main audio devices and i know these two aren’t capable of optical,i came across these external Dac’s where you convert the signal from your phone into analogue audio.
The question is
Is this sort of device good or necessary when you already have reactors own DAC?
And if this device is good and indeed makes a difference, would it be worth to buy and use alongside tidal compared to airplay??
Should i try and find an optical connection solution like this? Or AirPlay is close sound wise
I reckon if you're going to spend any money to improve the sound out of your phantoms it's best spent on either room treatment or going up in the phantom range. Anything on the digital side of things will have minimal impact if any.
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If you are desperate to try optical just buy a Chromecast audio and plug it into the phantom optical socket. Then you can stream direct from iPhone to Phantom optical Smile

But I wouldn’t bother - it sounds like you are trying to find something to mess about with but now you have phantom there is no need for tinkering Smile

I only do it with mine so I can use a Dspeaker antimode for room correction to sort out some bass boom

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