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Isoacoustics Gaia Isolation pods
(16-Apr-2019, 22:20)BrianT Wrote: Living here in Ottawa, Canada. IsoAcoustics are not a bad price.

Gaia 2 are $395.00 cnd tax in approx 226 pounds
Gaia 3 are $283.00 cnd tax in approx 162 pounds

The Gaia 1 are a little pricy at $791.00 cnd tax in, and thats what I would need for
my B&W 803D3 not doable at the moment.

So if any of you guys/gals in the UK want to save a few pounds, I can order here in Canada
and ship from London England when I go next month (19 May) I would guess that mail would be around 10/15 pounds
but you guys who live there could check on that.

I love my Orea Bronze footers under my 440 PRO CI


Thanks Brian

That’s a kind offer.  I think I’ll try and get some from a local dealer here.


Roon/RAAT - Dev 250 Pro - TQ Ultra Black - SF Olympica ii
Hi Brian,

I sent you a PM


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