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Kii Audio 3

I got to hear KII three's in two dramatically different rooms, a medium sized listening room and a hotel suite at a Toronto Audio show.

I have a small studio where I record, mix and master. All or any of the three steps for clients.

Along my audio journey I have enjoyed various PMC's, Magnepan MG12's, 3.6 and Tympani 4A's, B&W's, ...... and now Newform Research, triple Line Source using active crossovers, time alignment and four subwoofers in a cardioid pattern via physical placement and time alignment control. 

My efforts in the static environment of my studio to lower the room modes effect on music playback, reproduce trustworthy, accurate, complete, and coherent sound and bass to match my mid and high end have taken a lifetime of experience, learning, experiments, electronics, and evolution.

I am satisfied completely that the Kii Audio model three and extension (if you are playing back in a large environment) have surpassed what I can achieve in a static environment using static physical arrangements of line arrayed mid's, ribbon tweeters, four subs, a stack of active crossovers, phase and time alignment electronics.

The fact that they can do this in a relatively small , elegant packaged, easily moved, easily placed, easily setup, extremely room independant package that has all practical inputs, and still allows external tweaking of balances through a smaller than my hand controller is still amazing to me a few months afterward.

A few  thoughts keep coming back to me;
1. People who love to tweak  will come back to a close to "flat" setting after a short time.
2. People who love to tweak more than listen won't enjoy this IMO leap forward as it short circuits their path/tweaking.
3. People who love to "engage  the room" to create different sounds than that of the original captured recording will not enjoy them. 
4. People who believe that  they have to have separate components to "stay in control" won't like them.
5. People who objectively let go of their biases, pride, and preconceptions and just listen through them to music and hear music through them in wildly different listening environments will be very happy enjoying the music and not the chase.

If I had the money they would be in my studio and two pairs in my house.

Cheers from Canada.

Tom eh

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