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List Your Speakers and Devialet Model Here
Devialet Expert D200 
Krell Resolution 1 speakers.

Maybe wishful thinking but would be nice to see Devialet add the Krell Resolution 1's to their SAM list of supported speakers... They pair pretty well together as is though so I'm not anxiously awaiting this small miracle happening  Smile
1st= Linn Majik DSM/ iPad > Devialet D200 > Krell Resolution 1's > Townshend Isolation Platforms > Nordost moonglo Spdif & Transparent musicwave SpkRuns. /-/  2nd= Musical Fidelity M1CliC/ iPad > Arcam D33 > Linn Akurate Pre > TriActiv Linn LK140's > Linn Aktiv Keilidhs > Custom Granite double plinths > Solid silver RCA's all round, QED Reference Spdif & Nordost solar wind SpkRuns.
Devialet 220 pro
Onkyo 6180 for streaming and dab+
B&W 804 first and then JBL XPL 200 ( More musical
 And more  open)
I investigate to by a second D 220 Pro if someone can me confirm that will be be a PLus
(23-May-2019, 10:40)Pim Wrote:
(23-May-2019, 08:00)sunny14148 Wrote:
(22-May-2019, 10:49)Pim Wrote: I'd love to have a look at a better version of your profile picture. Love the Giya range.


Double wow! I was looking at G1s to pair with my Devialet 440s, but don't room such as that to have them in. Wonderful system you have there!
Roon ROCK on Intel NUC6i5SYH/Ethernet | VPI Avenger | Devialet 440 Pro CI | Vivid Audio Giya G3 | Auralic Aires Mini | Synology 1812+ NAS
440 PRO CI since one week with TAD E1 TX, fantastic sound
D440 Pro CI; TAD E1 TX; Innuos Zenith MK 3, Acoustic Revive Cable
Latest change, Devialet D440 Pro, Penaudio Serenade Signature, dCS Network Switch, Linn Sondek LP12/Ittok/Phasemation PP300
440 Pro, Linn Sondek LP12 Ittok, Phasemation PP-300/T-300, Vivid Pardo V1.5, Squeezebox Touch, Teddy Pardo PS, Mac Mini SSD, Roon

Viard Audio Silver HD S/PDIF cable, Viard Audio HD12 power cable, Supra CAT6 LAN cables, Audioquest Carbon USB cable
Just purchased two phantom reactor 900s. The last good system I had was goldenear Triton 2’s. This is going to be quite different than what I’m used to. Hopefully these fill my void for some HiFi.

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