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Messages to Devialet
Over the years there has been there has been a general disappointment with communication from Devialet.

There is some history here.  Arguably this disappointment reached its peak during the time when Devialet AIR was very unstable and suffered from an alarming habit of ceasing to play music and blasting high volume white noise through your speakers.  This culminated with an on line petition being set up, which was ultimately signed by 129 people at which time the petition was stopped following a response from the then Devialet CEO Quentin Sannie.  At the end of Quentin's response he said this:

As a general matter, I will make sure our teams get better at understanding your needs and communicating on a regular basis with you. Bringing you audiophile happiness is the reason we are all going to work with a big smile on our face every morning.  

We also had the "Devialet Loves You" initiative, and for a time some limited communication with Devialet on their website.  Then the announcement at Munich 2018 of a dedicated Expert Core team, this was followed up by an Oxford Audio event in the summer where there was much talk of better communication from Devialet.

Here is a quote from the Q&A session at Oxford Audio 2018:

Q) Is the infamous pledge to make a better communication area on the website for engaging with customers still a reality? The Infinity Core log seemed to fade, with limited Devialet posting, and nothing for the latest final release software. Can they reconsider engaging with Devialetchat?

A: Devialet are actively considering how to improve engagement with customers.  This event was part of the re-engagement process.  They are very aware of Devialet Chat; it may feature in their plans, or they may do something independent. 

So a little bit of history there, but here we are in 2020, and I would say that in terms of communication with their customers, Devialet are now just about as bad as they have ever been.  Nothing much on Devialet's website, maybe the odd email, which tends to be little more than grossly over the top stuff from the advertising department.  Taken overall, there is basically zero communication of any substance from Devialet, nothing.  I mean, how hard would this be?  As an example, let's say Devialet offered a quarterly email to customers, an update on products, update on software development, this kind of thing.  Not too difficult I would have thought?   OK - I can see that I am drifting into full on whinging mode now, so here is a positive suggestion, and indeed the ongoing purpose of this thread.

Over the years, a number of us have been consistently told that Devialet do read this website, from personal experience from conversations with Devialet personnel at shows and dealer events, I have evidence that this is true.  We know Devialet read this forum, we know that we have no control over how Devialet choose to communicate with their customers.

Mindful of the above, I propose this thread as a conduit for any messages anyone wishes to post aimed directly for Devialet to read.  Devialet may choose not to communicate with us, but we can at least communicate with them.  I would also propose that we try to keep this thread civil, factual and to the point.  There is little point in this tread being a proxy for another general grumpy customer moaning thread, so try to keep posts to the point, mindful of this threads clearly stated intention that this is messages from Devialet customers for you Devialet to read and take due notice of.

I shall start:

Devialet, we are currently seeing zero communication from yourselves with any factual substance.  There are known issues with software, phono stage hiss for some, any development of the Core Intelligence software appears to have ceased, your website promises so much for Core Intelligence and the Evo platform, but nothing whatsoever appears to be happening.  Would it be too much to ask for a quarterly newsletter to keep customers informed?
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Thanks for taking the initiative, @Confused.  Here's my first message to Devialet:

Devialet, please would you make it possible to configure the Expert series amplifiers without depending on a connection to your web site?  Some alternatives I can think of are:
  • provide the existing configurator back-end software (e.g. as open source) so that it can be run on a non-Devialet web server
  • develop and provide an off-line configuration tool (e.g. for PC, Mac, iOS and/or Android) that can generate a configuration file without needing an Internet connection
  • document the complete format of the configuration file -- including all options, limitations, and the integrity check mechanism -- so that a third-party can develop an independent configuration tool
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On two occasions when I've submitted tickets related to the Roon RAAT problems, I was asked to sign up for the Devialet Newsletter in that they would announce resolutions or work arounds there. The link provided was:

This is basically a link to login to your account on and then click the Subscribe button.

I have been signed up since first I noticed that button but have never seen a Devialet Newsletter outside their marketing material. I would love to see a monthly/quarterly newsletter that discusses progress with ongoing well-known issues (like Roon RAAT), a peak into where the CI update holds future potential, insight on progress toward a combined OS for both Expert Pros and Phantoms, etc.... This, of course, assumes that progress is, in fact, underway and that there are long-term strategies for these products.

In truth, this can only happen if/when someone (i.e. someone in charge of such a Newsletter) is given the green light to gather such insights, publish them, and then be willing to respond to customer feedback & questions as will certainly arise.
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Devialet promised and promised but what happend. Warm Air.
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The launch of DOS2 for the Phantom Premier range, at the end of last year, has been instructive and I noted a change in attitude from Devialet and from its unofficial presence.  Like many Devialet launches, there was hype associated with the launch followed by a let down, but with some changes, this launch should serve as a template for other initiatives.

To Devialet's huge credit, there was detailed information for DOS2 and a detailed guide on whether to upgrade.  Yes, there were some issues with stereo sync and Airplay but Devialet moved quickly to communicate with us and largely(?) have resolved these problems.  At that time, I noted that Devialet's response to problems is just as important solving the problem itself and to me, they got this right.  The focus on creating a stable platform before adding functionality was also another good move.

There was a reliance on users reading the guide before upgrading, but many users did NOT.  This resulted in creating disgruntled users and added to the general negative mood within the forum that @Confused referred to in this first post.  Not sure how to fix this problem because users will continue to not read instructions and manuals. That is normal behavior today and has to be planned for during a launch.

As a Phantom owner, I am relatively happy with Devialet and what has been communicated so far.  It happens to coincide with a major software upgrade, but I fear we will fall back into the same unhappy camp as the Expert owners if Devialet cannot, or would not, continue the communications and finish the DOS2 upgrade.  We are not asking that Devialet substantially increase resources.  What we asking is a change in attitude from Devialet to treat us a resource to help you.  It means more open communications and more frequently. It does not require an official presence on the forum (but that would be nice!).
And what are the most important not resolved issues / bugs with Expert Pro?
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(05-Jan-2020, 18:41)Delija Wrote: And what are the most important not resolved issues / bugs with Expert Pro?

From the Read Me file enclosed with the last FW release back in February last year, almost a year ago:

Not supported in this release: Bluetooth so that was acknowledges as an outstanding promise;

Still being worked on: Devialet AIR: Windows instability, Devialet Rmote App: Volume control is inactive before streaming starts so that was outstanding bugs back then which are yet to be fixed.

And that FW release added Support for Roon's RAAT protocol but there's a bug in the support affecting some users using gigabit ethernet connections.

Those are the outstanding promises/unresolved issues/bugs that I am aware of which have not been addressed since the firmware release last February which have been acknowledged by Devialet. There may be others which have not been acknowledged.
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How stable is UPnP?
Also, are there any known issues / problems with bass management / subwoofer integration and low and high-pass filters?
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(05-Jan-2020, 21:24)Delija Wrote: Thanks.

How stable is UPnP?
Also, are there any known issues / problems with bass management / subwoofer integration and low and high-pass filters?

Check these threads:
These are two very bad issues relating to sound quality. Still not solved...
in a dual mono configuration the configurator is also not saving the output level for the pre-out on the slave, so if you connect a subwoofer here you will only have the 2V setting.
uPnP (via Wifi) is working stable for me and gives the best sound quality compared to AIR or RAAT via optimized Ethernet connection (Aqvox switch, optical connection). I'm using Audirvana and sometimes jRiver.
The only downside of uPnP is that it is not gapless...

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