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Mission Statement & Welcome
Welcome to Devialet Chat, the world's first unofficial user forum dedicated to all things Devialet. The purpose of Devialet Chat is to provide an informal site for all owners and prospective owners of Devialet products to hang out and share information.

We’d love you to join Devialet Chat and start contributing – so please register today and start posting your questions, answers, advice, system images…
Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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I think a good idea would be a data bank with software versions.
Just a suggestion. Not important for the first weeks of course.
Guillaume, thanks for setting this up!

I've also been thinking that an unofficial history of Devialet would be interesting.



Sonos Connect (W4S) > DSpeaker Antimode 2.0 > Sanders Magtech > Martin Logan Montis
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Silver Phantoms (just the two)
Hi Guillaume - great idea setting this up.

ATB, Ken
Guillaume - another thank you! Look forward to taking part in your new forum.

Roon (Mac Mini), Wilson Benesch Full Circle, Sonos ZP90 (Cullen modified), Expert 1000 Pro CI, Kaiser Chiara
Warwickshire, UK
Hi Guillaume,
Thank you for inviting me to your Devialet forum. I'm sure it will soon turn from "Unofficial" to "Official" :-). I'm looking forward taking part and sharing informations!

Linn LP12 - Melco  N1A - Devialet 200 - Kef LS50 - DSpeaker Antimode 8033s-II - Linn Melodik Subwoofer

(27-May-2014, 13:18)Nightmare Wrote: I think a good idea would be a data bank with software versions.
Just a suggestion. Not important for the first weeks of course.

I am going to try and get this done over the next few weeks Nightmare (as long as I can get my hands on it!).
Thanks Guillaume for your invitation !!!

That's great ! A forum without any troll ! YES !!!! ;-)

Devialet, Devialet, and only Devialet !!!
Well hopefully there won't be any trolls! Can I suggest that anyone who comes on and likens a Devialet to some bathroom scales or a trinket is forcibly <insert your punishment here>
I am Devialetless!  Perhaps temporary?
Nord One SE NC500, Mytek Brooklyn, Melco N1A, Rega RP6/Exact, Raidho C-1.1, Shunyata Denali and cables.
Thank you Guillaume for the earlier invite and setting up this forum!! Smile
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The Netherlands


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