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Mutec MC-3+ USB
(13-May-2019, 17:27)ogs Wrote: Did they indicate if the new DAC will have reclocking built in? I am guessing it will have USB to handle high bit rates in addition to SPDIF...  Ethernet?
Roon Ready, ethernet, 768kHz and reclocking +DSD would be a killer combination! Too much to hope for I suppose.

He mentioned so many features that I cannot recall all of them,  Blush but DSD and re-clocking will definitely be part of the package.
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A DAC without DSD support today would probably be suicide.... the re-clocking is very promising. Too few DAC's have it and there is no doubt it's effective even if theorists often dismiss it.
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Thanks @baconbrain for reporting from Munich! Smile
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