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Optical dropouts with DOS2
I originally posted this in the Phantom sections of this forum but am moving it over here.

I've had a pair of phantom golds with a dialog that have been working great.  That is until I updated the firmware.  Now when playing via optical into one of the phantoms I get a brief, but very distracting, dropout every few minutes.  Occasionally this seems connected to the use of the phantom remote, but not consistently.  It will also happen randomly during a track.  Here's my setup:

Roon operating via a intel NUC -> roon streaming to AURALiC Aries Mini -> optical out to Phantom Gold -> Stereo pair Phantom Golds connected with Ethernet.

I also have a dialogue that appears to be unnecessary in the system now.  I did update the dialogue and tried running the optical input from the Aries Mini into it, but I wasn't able to get sound into the phantoms that way.  It kept defaulting to the Phantom optical input, even though there was nothing playing on it.

I confirmed that the optical stream coming from Roon and the Mini are clean by connecting them to another speaker system where I heard no dropouts. 

I also tried completely disconnecting the Dialogue from the system but experienced no change with the dropouts.  

For the past year and a half I used this setup flawlessly.  Roon in combination with the phantom golds in stereo pair in my dedicated sound room has been a real pleasure.  It's very frustrating for the system to again be unstable.

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