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Original d'Atelier register
Is your source digital? You might want to try a re-clocker (DDC) in front of the Devialet. The difference in sound can be pretty dramatic.

Also with cables, including the link cable between master & companion - the differences can be huge, also trying RCA-XLR vs RCA-RCA. In Singapore, I bought a handmade RCA-XLR converter from Coherence Audio at Adelphi (the shop with the MBLs). I just to test what the difference would be by using my existing RCA-RCA cable. It worked well, and I've stuck to using it ever since. Got a more 3D soundstage and more natural sounding highs.
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(24-Jun-2020, 01:55)eualp Wrote:
(21-Jun-2020, 10:26)Axel Wrote: Or perhaps a tube phono stage and leave the digital side (CD, Tidal etc.) to the Od’A?
Hi Axel, is that the same as a tube preamp? Do you have an example?
There are quite a few available at different price points. 
Here are some:
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(21-Jun-2020, 06:25)eualp Wrote: Hi, I own #008 from Singapore. Happy to chance on fellow owners of the OdA. A special shoutout to Tategoi and Jerry from Singapore! Recently noted one set of OdA on resale in SG, is that either of you?

I am very new into this forum and still navigating my way on this. Could I ask if any of you tried tube amps with your Devialet or is it even possible? Honesty, I love the OdA as a all in one system and the convenience. I stream a lot via TIDAL, but I wanted to experience more of audio via vinyl etc.... feel that I am missing out not fully experiencing it. I am toying whether a tube amp can compliment with the OdA versus having to change out entirely ie get a tube amp and preamp and DAC. That would cost quite a bit and the huge loss on the OdA. Any comments and sharing is much appreciated.

Hey eualp 

Welcome to the forum. I couldn’t find a reason to sell my OdA ? If you want a warmer sounds, you can tweak via the cabling as suggested. If you are like me spending over 90% of my listening to vinyls, you can  try different warmer-sounding cartridges. The OdA is perhaps the most transparent system I’ve ever own, I won’t put another equipment between the source and OdA. 
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