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Roon - the next step?
I'm running Roon using my Innuos ZENith Mk II as the core and using USB. No issues...but I'm running a basic setup, no DSP.
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(31-Dec-2019, 09:17)KraaijCheck Wrote:
(04-Apr-2019, 11:32)Womaz Wrote: Just an update for anyone who is interested or has contributed to this thread.
I have now ordered the Roon Nucleus. After a lot of deliberation and waiting for the Melco to be Roon ready my hand was forced really as I had another episode of Wifi problems.
If any of you have followed my posts (rants) on here you will know that I am keen to get a USB connection so this will now be achieved with the Nucleus.
My Roon Core has been running on my work lap top which was 5 years old. It was time to replace this and I did so with a Lenovo i7 8th gen model.
I transferred my Roon Core to this as it was a much higher spec machine. Or is it ? ;-)
This is where my problems started. Roon performance using wifi was poor .
I am having to press play in between 5 and 10 times to get an album playing , whether it is Tidal or my own music. I get the running blue line in the track playing section. Audio device being used is another message that pops up.
It had to be the new lap top as nothing else has changed. So I connected the new lap top by Ethernet to the router and yes it works great. So it’s a wifi issue. As you will know I am no expert but apparently newer lap tops sometimes have inferior parts to the older ones to keep costs down. It looks like my new laptop has a worse wifi adapter than my old one…… could not make this up ;-)
I know Roon recommend a hard wired connection to the Roon Core , but I have never had this as in my set up this is impossible.
Also with my system I connect the lap top by USB when I do my serious listening. So with the new lap top it does not give me the USB zone. I need to persist with this as I just gave up last night.
Another thing I have noticed before the new lap top is I think Roon 1.6 has a lot more issues than previous versions, so it is maybe a combination of this and the new lap top that has caused these issues.
I am looking on the positive side though. This finally broke me and the Nucleus is on order. A wait time of 8 weeks though, so I may have to reinstall Roon on the old lap top if things do not improve.

What is your experience with the Nucleus? I’m at the point i want to ditch my iMac wich i use as a Roon Core and thinking about getting the Innuos ZenMini mk3 worh an wxternal power supply. What made you choose for the Nucleus in stead of the Innuos? And what is the difference in sound when you compare the Nucleus with your older laptop setup?

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My apologies for the late reply I am not as frequent a visitor to this forum anymore . I am not sure I noticed a difference in sound quality , but it’s stable and that was my main aim. It works more or less flawlessly
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