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SAM profile for Vivid B1 Decade
I recently purchased a used pair of the Vivid B1 Decade speakers.  There is a SAM profile for the B1 but not the special edition Decade, which was only produced in 400 units (200 black and 200 red).  As it's got different specs than the B1, it needs its own SAM profile.

I am curious as to whether anyone on this board has access to the Devialet mobile lab, where the B1 Decade could be measured and receive its own SAM profile.  I know, I know, it's a long, long shot!

Make no mistake: I am thoroughly pleased with the speaker sans the SAM profile.  I just want to experiment with SAM, if possible.

BTW, I have corresponded with @Drifter who also has (and loves) the B1 Decade speaker.  Both our speakers are in glorious red!
Devialet Expert 220 Pro, Vivid B1 Decade speakers in Rosso Barchetta red (only 200 produced in a limited edition), Roon Nucleus with a Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SSD, Bonn N8 (Silent Angel) switch with a SOtM dCBL-Cat7 cable to my Nucleus, Keces P8 linear power supply feeding the Nucleus and the switch, AudioQuest Niagara 1000 power conditioner, ASI LiveLine loom (purchased directly from Franck Tchang when I lived in France), and Roon lifetime license with Tidal streaming.
It would indeed be awesome if we can get a SAM profile for the B1Decades.

Devialet 440PRO CI/ Vivid Audio B1 Decades
Audeze LCD-2 / Audeze Deckard
Cape Town, South Africa

I have B1d from December 2015 and still there is no profile for this model.

From Vivid Audio's side I heard the main reason for this was small production number.
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