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Seasons Greetings to all Devialet “chatters “
Happy New Year everyone!
Roon (Mac Mini), Wilson Benesch Full Circle, Sonos ZP90 (Cullen modified), Expert 1000 Pro CI, Kaiser Chiara
Warwickshire, UK
Buon anno e buona salute a tutti! 
Clearaudio Solution Cmb - The Wand Plus II - AT Oc9 III - Roon - Cisco sg200-08- D200 Expert - Egglestonworks Fontaine II - BK 200Xls ff Mk2 - Meicord Eth - Siltech New York - AudioPlan PowerCord S

Marietto - Italia
Happy New Year everyone!
Project Eperience X Pack with Ortofon Rondo Red MC, Oppo BDP 105D, 2 x Sonos Connect, QNAP HS251+ NAS with 2 X 6TB Western Digital Red, Mac 5K 32GB running Lifetime Roon, iPad Pro 12.9" for remote control.  Etalon Ethernet Isolator, Devialet 440 Pro CI, Sonus faber Olympica ll with Isoacoustics Gaia ll feet, Auralic Taurus Mkll headphone amp.Denon AH-D5000, Sennheiser HD600 and HD800 with Cardas cable,  Van Den Hul The First Ultimate and Crystal interconnects, Furutech power cables, GSP Audio Spatia speaker cable.
South Coast England
happy holidays! thanksgiving is coming
and Christmas and new year too lol

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