Poll: Which is your preferred UPnP control point?
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17 16.35%
13 12.50%
6 5.77%
9 8.65%
13 12.50%
1 0.96%
Synology MediaPlayer
2 1.92%
43 41.35%
Total 104 vote(s) 100%
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UPnP control point survey
Hi guys

Devialet have asked me to post this survey. They would like to know which control points people are using (or would like to use) for UPnP.

If you choose "other" then please tell us which one in this thread.



PS - my personal favourite is Kazoo, it integrates with Qobuz perfectly and just works really well.
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Might it also be worth having a "none" option, to help Devialet gauge the overall level of interest in UPnP?
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(02-May-2018, 12:15)thumb5 Wrote: Might it also be worth having a "none" option, to help Devialet gauge the overall level of interest in UPnP?

That would be nice. I would select "none" as I don't have any interest in UPnP.
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It's 'Other' here as I only use Roon and would prefer RAAT. Before this (two years ago) I used Bubble+MPD+upmpdcli with JRiver as server. Agree with thumb5 that a "none" option would be helpful.
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Voted for "Other" as I don't use this control point.
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Nice that Devialet enquired about this feature, and the fact that they came to this forum, and GuillaumeB, suggests they are are attentive.

I also voted 'other' as a stand-in for none. in my NAIM days I used Playback until it was abandoned. It was in the 'decent to good' range. I then tried Asset, which is popular on NAIM, or was a few years ago. It is, or was, inconsistent with constant drop outs, lost connections, and useless file organization and presntation. I'd call the support 4 / 10 at best. And a lot of other users thought it was good....

But to me 'UPnP Compatible' is not a feature; it is warning label. I HATE UPnP with a violent passion. It, more than anything else, drove me away from NAIM and I would fight it off with a flaming pitchfork, garlic and a shrunken head.

I understand that I am at the tail end of equipment interest here; I just use a modded Sonos: Connect and AIR from my iMac (yes, I hear the laughter out there). I may change streamers in the future, but we're streaming for 95% of our listening so I'm not growing my collection of music in local storage. I'm fine with FLAC or it's equal for file format. I'm sure I am less critical than many others, so I may be dismissing something that more knowedgable listeners consider critical, and perhaps UPnP is an important feature for more sophisticated systems.
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Voted for Other. I use Roon and AIR over ethernet. Not really interested in UPnP.
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Hi, use for about 2 months Astell & Kern (ak connect 2.0) Works great! Rolleyes
I voted Other!
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(02-May-2018, 12:53)petrik Wrote:
(02-May-2018, 12:15)thumb5 Wrote: Might it also be worth having a "none" option, to help Devialet gauge the overall level of interest in UPnP?

That would be nice. I would select "none" as I don't have any interest in UPnP.

Selected other = none and no interest.

Flattering for guillaume and the forum, but I actually think it’s hugely disappointing that Devialet chose to ask the DC community about this feature over everything else they could have asked and got involved in now or over the past years. Had the poll been gauging RAAT interest, room correction, or any of the number of features discussed at length over the years, it would have been something to celebrate.

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Ditto here on no interest so I voted Other. To be honest, there are really no features in the CI update that interest me other than future potential (e.g. RAAT, room correction, or whatever else is on my wishlist that I'll likely never see).
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