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Upgrade my 250 to a 1000 or go with a different integrated?
(17-Aug-2019, 17:34)hardcore Wrote:
(17-Aug-2019, 17:02)Dev_Steve Wrote: hardcore, did you find that you had to make significant tone adjustments as well? I was surprised at the amount of tinkering I did post upgrading. I also went with the Carbon  RCA, although  I had one custom done at 10" so it would fit really nicely with the amps stacked. Highly recommend it!
Hi Dev_Steve, I did find that going dual mono did change the sound more than I expected, in good ways.

Talking about tinkering, I'm assuming you are using the RCA-RCA master-slave connection. Have you tried using and configuring the 3.5mm trigger cable between master and slave? I find that having the trigger cable connected also changes the sound quite a bit - it seems more balanced with it connected. I suspect it affects the grounding.

Haven' tried that yet, although I just ordered a cheap one to mess about with getting my Sonos to stream vinyl from the Devialet (see other post today). Do you know what brand 3.5mm cable comes with the Devialet? If this works, I'd like to get what's recommended by them.
Hi Dev_Steve - yes, my unit came with the stock cables. It comes with an Audioquest 3.5mm stereo mini-jack cable. I don't see a model name, but the connectors and cable are black in color, and the tips are gold plated.

EDIT: You might not prefer the sound with the trigger cable connected - it sounds more even, but also slightly smaller and less lively - at least in my setup.
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