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What a future Devialet remote could do...
Devialet Expert 220 Pro, Vivid B1 Decade speakers in Rosso Barchetta red (only 200 produced in a limited edition), Roon Nucleus, Keces P8 linear power supply, AudioQuest Niagara 1000 power conditioner, ASI LiveLine loom (purchased directly from Franck Tchang when I lived in France), and Roon lifetime license with Tidal streaming.
sono did a great job
I would actually like the Devialet to be controlled from the network. Like sonos is up to a certain level. Or connect sonos speakers to it, and make your main stereo as part of the surround system. That would be cool. Definitely fun, but not needed :-)
For me , i only ask for a better app too expert serie, so i Can control all those things i Can do with the Remote control.
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