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Wish list for the new streamer board / Roon
5G internet solution. Got it in the house and it's really useful.
G-Dis Reference dac/streamer/pre-amp --> Intelligent Sound Special 612 speakers with built in amps --> cables: Intelligent Sound with Furutech Rhodium connectors --> La Suède
(17-Jul-2017, 10:25)agentsmith Wrote: At risk of making the streamer board even more crowded.  I am opening a thread of what would make the Devialet more perfect with the new "Core Intinity" or DevialetOS.

Please feel free to comment/add

The Devialet can be made more perfect by fixing a lot of the current usability limitations.  Also, with the new Roon integration, I see great potential to make both products irresistible to anyone interested in high end computer base audio.

Problem 1: Configuration via SD card only: With Ethernet access, it should be an easy fix to allow configuration via the network.  They should also include telemetry data of the unit in real time, including settings and health info like voltage and temperature.  Wouldn't you want one page of real time info displayed on your computer or iPad screen, rather than cycling thru the tiny Devialet display?

Problem 2: Inability to see volume or machine status info from the remote control:  Same solution as above.

Problem 3: Configuration via Devialet online portal only:  Right now one has to log in to Devialet to change configuration and then download offline to the SD card.  That is the dumbest thing.  A simple app for Mac, Windoze and iPhone would fix that easily.

Solution 4: Full Roon integration. The latest Roon firmware allows control and display of volume in real time. It should not be rocket science to let Roon configure, control and display all of many of the Devialet features.  That would make Roon the super "Portal" of the Devialet. 

Solution 5: Bundling of Roon as option or "mandatory option".  With the above Roon integration, both Roon and Devialet would sell more units, and Devialet would have a few hundred dollars of added revenue from Roon for every unit they sell.

Solution 6: Ability to play music via USB storage and SD card.  With the above features, most users would have no use for their SD cards and USB port.  Why not use them for quick playback of music"

Solution 7: Ability for Devialet to tap into your unit for debugging via the Internet.

Out of this list, I mainly want #1-3.

I'd also like:

1. Pass band EQ, i.e. the ability to set a high and low pass for a given speaker.

2. Room EQ

3. Reel-to-Reel Tape EQ (just like phono, with curves for IEC, NAB, and conversions)

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