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Filip's system
(01-Dec-2016, 20:35)Hifi_swlon Wrote: If I haven't said it before - just love your room!


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Audience aR-6 TSS / Melco N1ZH / D400 / Vivid B1D
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(02-Dec-2016, 02:15)Axel Wrote: It's a lovely looking setup. I particularly like the Giyas. 
What is the rear wall made of? It looks like it makes a very effective diffuser of rear wall reflections.

Not really Giyas, actually Oval B1d Smile

Wall is made of ceramic tiles (sorry if not adequately translated).

My next step is getting room acoustics better, for now is just ok - one could hear slight reverbation but actually biggest problems are bass frequences. Offcourse, backfiring bass driver does it stuff, both positive and negative. Don't know exactly which of them (maybe 40-50Hz..), but tone controls makes it easier when heavy bass comes in Smile

Regarding bass (when properly positioned), everyone who listens B1D for the first time is shocked by the quantity and quality of the bass - it really sounds like a proper floorstander. Slam and power of timpans on Reference Recordings' "The dance of the tumblers" (Eiji Oue, Exotic Dances) sounds astonishingly good! If you didn't try untill now, it's time to shake your walls with quality classical music.

It's definitelly very delicate for positioning. With these speakers heavy toe-in and far from the back wall is the way to go! Soundstage gets substantially bigger in every aspect.

Getting speakers far into the room (1.5 m from rear wall) is best thing to go.

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Audience aR-6 TSS / Melco N1ZH / D400 / Vivid B1D
Synergistic Research Atmosphere / Element C.T.S.
(01-Dec-2016, 18:56)Filips Wrote: Melco N1ZH - sometimes anoying but wonderfully sounding machine.

If only Melco made better app than Kinsky and Lumin I'm using. CD ripping also not functioning reliably (in my case Asus usb DVD/CD drive).

[Image: 03fe33d3f7c9b906ad893917ec9fdaee.jpg]

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I tried both apps and I agree, don't like them. I am using Arcam and it's ok. Waiting for Melco to come out with there own. With that said, love it. Of course mine is not called Melco. Bought mine in Japan so it's called Della. Have fun.

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