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Anyone turning DPM off?
DPM makes a huge difference when using pass-through mode but doesn't make a difference for the normal modes at all (at least not on mine) so it it turned off since I did not have to use the pass-through function any more when I moved from home theater to only stereo.
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(15-Jun-2019, 20:52)Flashman Wrote:
(15-Jun-2019, 20:30)Cylob Wrote: DPM OFF. The higher the temp the better it sounds.
That's why I never turn my devialet off either. It's on 24/7 so it sounds as best as it possibly can right away every morning.
There are some on this board who think that might diminish the lifespan of your unit.  As for me, I've decided to just adjust the menu selection (DPM>OFF) each listening session as I move from stand-by...

From reading about it in the past (can’t remember where Smile) I think/believe that it doesn’t affect the power used in standby only when it’s on and there’s an input signal.

Devialet mentioned this in an older press release of firmware v8.0:

“The power supply adapts continuously to the music playing for greater energetic efficiency.”

You could check the temperatures of course if you’d like to be sure.
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How can I check the temperatures?
(16-Jun-2019, 15:13)Soundside Wrote: How can I check the temperatures?
From Devialet website: You can check the Devialet’s temperature by pressing 2s on the remote tone button and going to screen 14th on the Devialet’s information screen. You can navigate the screens by shortly pressing on the tone button. Temperatures going up to 65°C are absolutely OK.
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Great, thank you @Flashman !

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