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"Audiophile Grade" Ethernet Switches - The new generation
(Yesterday, 12:49)Confused Wrote: It's another JS +1 from me.  The link above is for the same post that I linked to in the "clocking" thread.  I think it good that Antoine has provided a link here too, it is very much on topic in this thread.  In fact, I think it offers a possible explanation for Guillaume's "cognitive dissonance" experience when adding FMC's and an optical bridge.  Impossible to prove of course, but it does seem possible to me.

I would lean a bit more in the direction of a termination issue with one (or both) of the media converters when it comes to the dissonance issue. I am quite certain that my similar experience using ethernet was caused by an improper shielding / grounding constellation. Just my objective thoughts ...
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