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Devialet 220 not booting at all
I did a firmware update to the latest version last week (Oct 2020) and the Devialet started update the process but did not seem to complete. After that, it would not boot. Nothing on the display at all.

I tried no SD card, off at the wall, wait, then plugin and press front button for 7 seconds. Nothing. Changed the cable.

I can see there is power to the unit as when I look underneath I can see LEDs inside. Three lit up and one blinking.

Any ideas anybody??  

have contacted Devialet and set pics etc.     or is it back to Paris for a fix.

Thanks   J

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1. Pull the power plug out of the wall completely.

2. Try downloading the firmware again. Use this method to re-install:

Should work. There's no history of anyone actually bricking an Expert as far as I know.

Good luck. Let us know how you go.

BTW, welcome to the forum. We're here to help Wink
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Hate to say it, but if something failed during the update then it is probably bricked. I had one fail one time (for a different reason) and it went back to Paris to be replaced by a brand-new one. To echo Pim - I would leave it unplugged for an hour or so, and then see what happens when you power it up again. That's about all you can do.

Good luck
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