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Expert Pro - Remote control battery issue
Wow, I didn't realize the remote batteries in the D200/D220 last that long! Months to years even? These are using the smaller sized remote control.

I have the larger remote for the D250/D1000. It uses 2xAAA batteries, and I'm using Eneloop rechargeable batteries. I don't remember exactly, but they last around 2-3 months or so before needing to be recharged. When the battery gets low the first symptom is that it doesn't change the volume well. Then I'll swap in a newly charged pair of batteries and it'll work fine again.

Just curious - to other D250/D1000 users with the larger remote - what battery life are you getting?
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As far as I know, rechargeable batteries last less than normal batteries. In any case, the lifespan of 2-3 months for the batteries of a remote control is far too short...

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