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Universal Phantom volume control options
(14-Nov-2018, 16:39)devialol Wrote:
(13-Nov-2018, 22:54)jcd1877 Wrote:
(13-Nov-2018, 12:24)antilles Wrote: And the Phantoms respect the volume they get from the WXC-50? But, how? Wouldn’t it have to upsample, then re-encode the volume-adjusted stream for output? Does it really do that?

The WXC-50 has two modes, one as a player only where the digital out is fixed like any typical source, the other is as a pre-amp where volume is controlled by the WXC-50. In pre-amp mode, yes, the volume is controlled in the digital domain. The spec's quote it as "48-bit digital volume control".

I'm no digital genius, but I know it works!!

Do you know if any sound quality is lost with your setup? I also have the Yamaha wxc 50 and I would like to connect the  gold so I can have multiroom. Have you tried that?

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My setup is with a couple of whites. I love a great sound system, but I'm by no means an audiophile. I'm not 100% sure I'd pick the difference between a white and gold !!

Either way, I have had a few listening sessions on some favourite tracks in FLAC and can't say I've really noticed any difference at normal listening volumes. I was initially concerned about stereo staging as I didn't know what the active splitter did to the signal. But staging doesn't seem to have been impacted.

Did try to read a bit on digital volume control and as always there are conflicting articles with both good and bad. My philosophy is that if its good enough for a sound studio, I think I'll be OK.

It doesn't take long at all to set up a test if you already have the wxc-50. Just give it a go. The active optical splitters are cheap and can be powered by the USB port on the back of the wxc-50. I'm not even using what would classified as audiophile optical leads. They are a very thin, small termination plug type found at large commercial electrical wholesalers ( Once again, I'm no audiophile, tried some "better" cables and couldn't tell the difference. I like these ones because they as so slim and sit neatly with the power cable.

So give a go and have a test run! It is very easy to revert the phantoms back on their normal mode by just doing a regular reset with the three button push at the back.


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