Poll: your best digital source
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I don’t know as I only tried one source
13 6.19%
disc player/transport via SPDIF
8 3.81%
disc player/transport via AES/EBU
12 5.71%
Computer via AIR/WIFI
13 6.19%
Computer via AIR/Ethernet
62 29.52%
Computer via USB
25 11.90%
Music server via USB
21 10.00%
Music server via SDIF or AES/EBU
35 16.67%
11 5.24%
They all sound the same
10 4.76%
Total 210 vote(s) 100%
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What is the best digital source
But no one a direct comparison between WiFi and ethernet?

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Not sure that the survey was designed with the Phantom in mind. Voted other. Have a pair of Phantom Golds and the best source is a UPnP server by far. Beats optical in, Airplay from Roon (hence no Roon!).
I started with D170 now D220 Pro CI. During my 6 year digital journey I tested a lot.
D170 beginning (During that time no problems with AIR):

⦁ PC for testing - AIR over PLC
⦁ Only HTPC for Audio, and BD playback | Devialet AIR

Now I have also ripped my BD/DVD and I currently have:

a. Media Server (46 TB)  in a different room| JRMC/ROON, Devailet AIR/ROON RAAT
b. Video Renderer  (was Media Renderer before I got AIR working again)| JRMC/AIR

All Ethernet cables are AQ Cinnamon.

Since a certain release Win10 AIR was not working for over 1 year for me. I tested the following:
1. Media Renderer->Asus Essence STX II 7.1 SPDIF (internal Seasonic X400 fanless PSU)-> D220 Pro
2. Media Renderer USB (internal Seasonic X400 fanless PSU)->AQ Cinnamon->D220 Pro
3. Media Renderer with SOtM tx-USBexp USB (internal Seasonic X400 fanless PSU)->AQ Cinnamon->D220 Pro
4. Media Renderer with SOtM tx-USBexp+iFi Power->AQ Cinnamon->D220 Pro
5. Media Renderer with SOtM tx-USBexp+iFi Power->AQ Cinnamon->JCAT USB Isolator->AQ Carbon->D220 Pro
6. Media Renderer with JACT USB (internal Seasonic X400 fanless PSU)->AQ Cinnamon->JCAT USB Isolator->AQ Carbon->D220 Pro

I would rate it as the following:
a./b. sound best, 5., 6.,4.,1.,3.,2.

I live 500 m away from the water supply company of my small city and using USB I had always the "Day of the Week" where it sound best, the other day's it sounds much worse. I don't have that with AIR.

My experience is that USB heavily depends on the POWER quality, much much more than  AIR. You could have similar results as with AIR but you have to invest a lot to get it done. I have one BD discs where there is a special scene (I heard it also live) where the singer speaks and then she sings the song. With USB/SPDIF there was always a "digital glitch" audible regardless if I use 1. or 6., with AIR it is does not happen. 

Also with AIR it is possible to put my media server in a different room.
JRMC/ROON based Media Server - along C.A.P.S V4 Cortes (Win 10 Pro) -> LinkSys 5-Port Unmanaged Switch-> Media Renderer (JRMC; SoTM tx-USBexp, AQ NRG-Y3) ->Transparent AUdio Performance USB-> D220 PRO (AQ Blizzard)-> B&W 804S, Audeze LCD 2 Headphones; Audioquest Niagara 1200+AQ Blizzard; TV ->AQ Carbon Optical->D220 Pro
Too many possibilities, too little time. And I hate isolating tracks for "serious" listening. (I only do serious listening anyway)

My CD player sounds best (a Naim CD5x converted to transport only). Whenever I get the chance to switch it on.
...But having recently updated my USB cable to the Oyaide Continental 5s, I think it's a draw.
(the Oyaide neo d+ usb class s, was great good too, much better than stock USB)

I did find that different USB ports in the back of my Mac Mini, output to Devialet, have a long term impact.
Music storage too, but less so.

Currently trying out the one option not included: Optical.
Mac Mini + Music.App + iBatch Music  |  Pro-Ject CD Box RS2T    Devialet 250 ExpertPro    Boenicke W5 SE (Nordost Cables, mostly)
+ Lessloss 640x (Power filter for Devialet)
+ Intona 7054 (USB Isolator for mac mini output)
does the Air option in the poll refer to apple "airplay"?
(16-Apr-2021, 08:14)meta Wrote: does the Air option in the poll refer to apple "airplay"?

No, Devialet "Air" software though Apple Airplay does work with the latest firmware when this poll was instigated Airplay wasn't an option.
Devialet Original d'Atelier 44 Core, Job Pre/225, Goldmund PH2, Goldmund Reference/T3f /Ortofon A90, Goldmund Mimesis 36+ & Chord Blu, iMac/Air, Lynx Theta, Tune Audio Anima, Goldmund Epilog 1&2, REL Studio. Dialog, Silver Phantoms, Branch stands, copper cables (mainly).

Using AIR with JRiver 27 on a Windows 10 computer, the maximum resolution is 48KHz and all music files above this need to downsample to 48KHz

Is this correct? The AIR driver only offers WASAPI output
                                                           Cape Town - South Africa
Listening stuff:  Lindemann Limetree Bridge.  Expert 220PRO CI.  vdH 4-core cable to ET LF8bs, B&W DB1 sub, less-loss mains cable, Furman mains filter.

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