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Any in depth Reactor reviews or users here?
(21-Apr-2019, 11:05)eniriop Wrote: You cannot compare a mono reactor to a stereo pair of gold !

Which is exactly what I said on my post. The amplitude balance of Reactors may well be similar to it's bigger siblings, but my main point was that quite a bit of mid range was coming from the woofers not the front driver. This tells me that cross over is fairly high to compensate for the fact that the front driver has too little capacity in lower mids.
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(21-Apr-2019, 10:58)eniriop Wrote: Jean-MariePersonally I would do the opposite. Sure if I can in a near future afford a second gold, I could opt for a single gold for a while instead of a stereo reactors, but if it is to last, I would favor a pair of reactor in stereo over any mono speaker.

Mono speakers playing stereo program, no matter how smart they are, is always a big loss compared to stereo.

PS, although my system is not based on phantoms nor reactors, I have listen extensively to golds in stereo as well as reactors in stereo, and I honestly consider that a pair of reactors is as good as my current system (which costs 5 times more) except in one compartment: bass extension where the reactors are beating my speakers hands down.

Same experience here. My old system is based on two Prame high efficiency horn speakers with dual 30 cm woofers in two separate cabinets and a horn speaker for medium and highs in between them, with a tube amplifier (2A3 tubes) to drive them. When using spotify connect in best quality with this system (with chromecast audio and a good Musical Fidelity DAC), I get roughly the same sound as with a pair of 600 reactors connected to the same digital source (spotify), (with no need to add cables, DAC, or amplifier).  
My old system has speakers as high as me, they must weight 20 times the reactor's weight, and the reactors (in stereo) sound so similar, it is hard to distinguish which system is on with your eyes closed if the volume setting is the same. I have never heard any lack of medium range in the reactors used in stereo. In fact the measures made somewhere else on this forum show that frequency response is basically flat from 20Hz to 15kHz. People are not used to hear a flat frequency response down to 20Hz from speakers this small, they just think there is less medium range because they hear the higher bass output they never hear with shelf speakers or small columns. But a deeper bass does not get in the way of a good midrange response, as you can hear from a huge horn speaker with large dual bass woofers. 
Those reactors in a stereo setup are truly revolutionary, and also much easier to carry, set up and use than the phantoms premier, silver or gold. They beat any speaker in their size and price range, in my opinion.

I cannot agree more.

Phantoms are somehow bringing in the same benefits of High Efficiency Systems in terms of dynamics and SPL in a form factor that is smaller than most conventional Low Efficiency speakers...

Quite a feat in my humble opinion.

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