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Audioquest Thunder
Anyone here who knows whether the new audioquest thunder power cables will fit under the hood of our D?

It will not.
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power supplies: Uptone JS-2, SOtM SPS-500
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(14-May-2018, 21:02)zdenes Wrote: It will not.

I just bought a pair of Thunders and have one feeding a Niagara 1000 power strip, and the other feeding the Dev 120 (without the lid).   It's a remarkable combo, even if it requires exposing the wires in back.  The way I have the Dev set on a shelf, I don't even see the exposed wires.    The Dev is plugged into the high current outlet of Niagara.

The increase in resolution and bass weight is stunning.  I can hear instruments and voices very clearly set in the soundstage. 

Really a worthwhile upgrade.

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