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Clean power for Devialet
Would challenge anyone to audition the AQ Niagara products: the 5000 and 7000.
The 5000, in our system, just rocks our Dev 440’s. Highly recommended.
ROON 1.5 > i3 ROON ROCK in a Asaka Fanless Enclosure > Sbooster Linear > Acoustic Revive Lan Isolator > D440PRO > Magico Q3  -  AQ Niagara 5000 Power Conditioner - Tornado PC - Nordost Heimdall 2 Speaker Cables
Absolutely - 7000 on 1000 PRO Core Infinity
Divialet Expert 1000 Pro Core Infinity, 2 x Nordost Tyr2 Power Cable, AudioQuest Wild Digital RCA-RCA / SimAudio MOON NEO 260D CD Transport, Nordost Tyr2 Power Cable, AudioQuest Wild Digital AES/EBU / Rega RP10 w. Aphelion Pickup, Nordost Tyr2 Power Cable / NAD 50.2, Nordost Tyr2 Power Cable, AudioQuest Diamond Digital RCA-RCA / Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3, TelluriumQ Statement Speaker Cable and Jumpers / 2 x B&W DB1D, 2 x Nordost TYR2 Power Cable, 2 x AudioQuest Wild Dog Analog RCA-RCA / Supra Ethernet 8 cables / AudioQuest Niagra 7000 Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation System, Nordost Valhalla2 Power Cable / 3 x Dedicated 16 AMP power line with Furutec FT-SWS NCF Wall socket.
I have since a few weeks a GIGAWAT PC-3 Evo + DCB, câble LC3 MK3+. It is by far the best thing i could offer to the devialet. Adding it to a D250 proCI was far better than going fromm expert to pro ci. Nothing to compare !
Hi, after several attempts, I decided to go with Isotek Evo3 Titan One with Evo3 Syncro! Very satisfied Rolleyes
Devialet 220Pro/CI, B&W 802 D3, Linn Klimax DS/Katalyst, Burmester 089 CD, Melco N1ZS/2A + D100, Cable Audioquest (NRG-10,Diamond,K2,Yukon,Coffee etc.), iPad-Pro, KECES P8 Dual, Tidal HiFi
IsoTek: 2 x EVO3 Genesis One, EVO3 Titan One, EVO3 Syncro.                                                                                                                                                                Germany / Bavaria

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