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Expert 200: Not as high-end as I thought
The issue started with a design, manufacturing or assembly defect with the foot of my Expert 200, which stuck to the shelf as I lifted the amp and separated from it's internal attachment, which was now rattling loose within the chassis. This is not an uncommon problem ( and many have returned the unit for repair. Not having a local distributor, I did not want to go through the trouble and expense of shipping, etc., especially since I had read that removing the bottom plate was feasible ( and there was no caution on the plate about "no user serviceable parts, do not remove, etc," The head of the eighth and last screw stripped as I tried to remove it, causing me to resort to drilling the screw and attempting to use an extractor.  This did not work because the screw was apparently also subject to a design, manufacturing or assembly defect (cross-threaded?), since the other seven were no problem. I ultimately had to destroy the head of the screw to remove the plate, leaving me with a short stub that even a vice-grips cannot grab. I was able to retrieve the loose bit and simply snapped it and the foot back together. I then replaced the plate with the remaining seven screws. The Devialet customer service rep offered to repair the unit at my expense or upgrade to a 220 at the usual and customary price ($4500). I recognize the role I played in the problem, but I am disillusioned with a company that charges $10K for a "premium" component and then uses a crummy $2.00 part that can disable it.  While they are within their rights to respond as they have, I do not regard them as a customer-oriented company. They certainly cannot hold a candle to the service one gets from many of the other high end manufacturers. Buyer beware.
None of your points looks strong enough to support your conclusion.

You buy a $160K Benz you will also see this and that problem and cost more the repair after warranty.

Understand your disappointment about the screws and rubber feet, but they are not all Expert about.

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