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Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 vs. Devialet Expert 220 Pro
(30-Apr-2019, 09:16)Gerronwithit Wrote: Unless someone knows otherwise, there seems to be a hiatus of any positive news emanating from Devialet that would suggest that they have a credible development plan for their product ranges. Just about every day I have sone sort of information from the likes of Naim extolling the virtues of their much larger range of products that they somehow continue to develop and properly support.

And from Devialet - Nada! Perhaps they feel that the Expert Pro line has achieved Nirvana but maybe even a crumb such as dynamic online configuration instead of the annoying SD card would give us some faith in their development capabilities.

I believe they're busy fixing RAAT at the moment.
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No nor me, Naim don't develop and provide an upgrade path.... They make something new and BETTER then charge the earth for it and if you dare to keep one of their old products they expect you to upgrade the worn out capacitors  Big Grin Tongue Big Grin Tongue Big Grin to keep it working correctly......

Been there, done that, won't be suckered by their BS ever again.
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I’d forgotten about RAAT. It has meant nothing aurally to myself. Actually, at the moment I am having more trouble with Roon skipping than any time since I bought it. The delivery schedule on a pretty narrow product line has been far from stellar either.
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(28-Apr-2019, 12:29)mobaer Wrote: I auditioned the Hegel H590 in direct comparison to a D220 Expert Pro on Dynaudio speakers (w/o SAM). The aim of the procedure was to find out the general differences between the Devialet and the Hegel sound, i.e. if the Hegel is as neutral and pure as the Devialet, if it adds a certain signature to the music and ... if I like it, of course.
My time was limited, so I just brought the following music, which I know very well.
- Mozart Sonatas for keyboard and violin (Gary Cooper and Rachel Podger, excellent recording from 2004), Sonatas in F Major, 1. set
- Midnight at Notre Dame, Organ transcriptions from Oliver Latry, recording from 2004, Bach "Jesu bleibet meine Freude" and Rachmaninov, Prélude op. 3 no. 2
- The Ballad of John and Yoko, Beatles, Past Masters album, remastered version from 2009

First I listened all four pieces on the Hegel H590, then in reverse order on the Devialet, and then again on the Hegel.
My impressions were in short:
Much more room presentation on the Hegel, especially the presentation of the Mozart sonata was more 3-dimensional. Same detail on the Devialet, but more flat stage.
Same for the organ recording in Notre Dame. On the Hegel you could hear, that the organ was played in a big church; less so on the Devialet. Moreover, the very loud and low notes from the Rachmaninov Prélude were much cleaner on the Hegel than on the Devialet. I assume, this is due to the fact, that the Hegel has twice as much power as the Devialet and therefore is more stable. It would have been better to compare to a Devialet 440, I guess, but that was not available. Same for the bass on the "Ballad of John and Yoko". John Lennons voice was pronounced and in the foreground on the Hegel; on the Devialet John Lennon seemed in line or even behind with the instruments.

At the bottom line, in this setup I liked the Hegel more than Devialet 220. Still a comparison to a 440 would be advisable.
Definitely, I will audition the Hegel at home on my speakers in comparison to my D800.

I have had the chance to listen to the 590 being played through a pair of Sasha 2 speakers (which of course I am very familiar with).

Overall I found the 590 to be very good, hugely muscular and powerful. Fabulous control over the Wilson speakers and lovely soundstage (which I think you have commented on). 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to compare to a Devialet, instead the comparison was made with the Vitus RI-101 which sells for roughly the price of the 440.

I found the Vitus to sound more refined overall and certainly more musical, so if the budget is willing to stretch to 440 levels it would certainly be worth a listen. But at 9k GBP (and 5k less than the Vitus) the Hegel is excellent! 

Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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Darko does a sort of comparison here
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How about throwing in the Primare i35 Prisma in the mix. Have you any experience with the Amp? Specs seems good as well as wattage.
I am in the process of selling the Lyngdorf and returning to Devialet with the Expert 220 Pro. I may have had a speaker mismatch with my Vivid Oval 1.5s, as they never sounded right with the Lyngdorf. Or, perhaps I was just used to the Devialet sound, especially with SAM engaged on my speakers. At any rate, I got a nice deal on a new 220 from a Canadian dealer and will have the unit later this week. As for the Lyngdorf, there was much to like about it: room correction, 32 different voicings (a form of pre-set equalization), a slick web interface for making changes on the fly (this would be a good improvement for Devialet), plenty of power and rock-solid performance.
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German magazine "Stereoplay" did a review of the 3400. They conclude that it is powerful (211W/8Ohm, 424W/4Ohm) and the additional Room-perfect gives a great stage and precise music. Music is analytical but not cold.
Finally, in absolut rating it is behind the Devialet 120.
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