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Major Roon Changes - Devialet Impact?
@petrik - Thanks for posting the old Devialet email (post #37)

I had it in my mind that Devialet has promised "Webradios".  I recall that at the time that I imagined that this would be some kind of native internet radio.  So you would maybe select a radio station on an iPhone app or similar, then the Devialet would play the radio station naively, streamed direct via Ethernet.  (I am ever the hopeless optimist)

It is interesting that Devialet's website indicates that Internet Radio is available, albeit via AIR, AirPlay or Roon.  So I am not sure if I should be disappointed by this or not.  I guess not, very likely I was just overly optimistic in the first place.

That said, the thing I am most excited about is still shown on Devialet's website.  


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Internet radio is also available via UPnP.
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I’m lost , is threat fix for Roon not controlling the 800 ?

This is the message I get

[Image: f06dc380b1bcd544cf45308f28a709e0.jpg]

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If you are using Roon's AIR this should not happen at all. AFAIK not Core Infinity with RAAT either as Devialet has a proper Roon Ready implementation. Did you reboot your Roon Core?
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