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One week countdown...
(18-Sep-2020, 16:06)ekal Wrote: Hi all,

I inquired on the Devialet fb page if their non-communication on the Expert line is a deliberate policy, and got this answer:

"We communicate on Expert Pro in a more targeted way than Phantom, via our dealers and retailers, on Devialet help, and through newsletters. You'll be hearing from us very shortly! Have a pleasant weekend 🙂"

So there will be something to expect soon, hold your breath!!! *******drum roll*******

So, they're communicating with us in "a more targeted way". As an Expert Pro owner and therefore, I assume, part of their target audience, the lack of communication received by me would seem to indicate that they either have nothing to communicate or that they are communicating but their communications are missing the target entirely. Since Phantom owners aren't complaining of receiving communications about the Expert range, I think we can assume that their communications aren't missing the target so that suggests they have nothing to communicate.

The fact that they couldn't just simply say that and have to impart that message in a way which requires convoluted logical analysis indicates that as well as having nothing to communicate, they really just don't know how to communicate.

Nothing new here at all [Image: sad.gif]
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Haha - keep them pushing, the more the better
Next step is going to be opening a website, putting all my digital marketing and SEO knowledge and appear on top of Devialet website in search results and explain the whole world what kind of misery we are having with this company. I am just one step far from doing it.
That would be real fun! The petition once didn’t yield any effects, so maybe going for non orthodox ways is a new approach

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