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Shunyata Research
(16-Jun-2019, 14:01)GuillaumeB Wrote:
(16-Jun-2019, 08:35)ryann Wrote:
(20-Nov-2018, 11:59)RGuillaumeB Wrote: Yes an Alpha NR would be great and even a Delta NR would do the job admirably too. I personally wouldn't bother going with a Sigma to feed a transport.

Regarding updates to the US/Schuko Denali versions I will need to check and let you know. 



Hi Guilaume

Any further news on the UK improvements being updated to the US Denali version?  I am about to make a decision on the US version of the Denali but wanted to be able to ascertain how to distinguish if a unit has the UK improvements or not. Thanks.

The new 6000/S V2! This is now been rolled out in the US market.


Will the V2 make its way to the 6000/T soon?

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