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Sonore Streamers
A question, and I am not sure if it was asked and answered earlier in the thread as Ii could not go through it all.

Has anyone tried SonicTransporter i7 running roon server with direct Ethernet connection (using the built in bridge) to Devialet (i.e. skipping the need for a renderer like microRendu)? and if yes what was the sound like?

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A video covering the upcoming opticalRendu, see link below.  One point to note, this video is by Chris Connaker of "Audiophile Style" (formally Computer Audiophile) and Sonore pay for a sponsored area on Audiophile Style.  Worth keeping in mind perhaps, but the video is quite good and well worth five minutes of your time if you are interested in the concept of the opticalRendu. 

From what I have read, the price quoted in the video might be wrong, at the time of writing Sonore state that the final price is yet to be determined.

(Also note in the video, the TAD CR1's that @sam1000 declined to buy.  It's a small world.... Shy )

The opticalRendu can be used with this: 

However, I believe a higher specification "Sonore opticalModule" SFP fiber optic transceiver is pending, details yet to be announced.
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