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dCS Network Bridge
(04-Dec-2019, 20:25)Hi CongoFather Wrote: Do you still need Nucleus and Roon after using the latest Mosaic app of DCS Network bridge? I am planning to buy DCS network bridge but want to use it directly without any extra client machine/NUC for the best performance. But as far as I read, if you have hundreds of gigabytes of albums stored on NAS, the mosaic app seems to be frustrating and can not deal with the metadata and classification of them. Is it really true that mosaic is not a good way to handle large digital archieves?  Do we still need Nucleus, Intel NUCs or Mac Mini to use with DCS Network bridge? If your answer is yes, how do you connect them with  DCS network bridge(over a switch with CAT cables)? Lastly, is AES/EBU connection the  best way to connect DCS network bridge to Devialet?


i recently had a trial of the Network Bridge. I think that anyone who is used to Roon would be reluctant to switch to Mosaic. Personally, I was hard pushed to notice any difference in SQ between the Bridge and my Rock connected via Roon AIR with a cable/switch. The Bridge was connected to the Devialet with a Transparent AES cable, and powered via a Transparent power cord; these two items doubling the cost of the Bridge. I could believe that someone wanting a ‘minimalist’ system with the highest SQ might opt for a Bridge and use it via Mosaic, but for me, the convenience of Roon more than outweighed a possible slight difference in SQ (my system, my old ears ....) For me, I didn’t feel the cost of the Bridge was worthwhile at this stage, and the money could be better spent elsewhere, but I write as someone who values the Roon experience, and doesn’t mind having a NUC as part of my system. 

You might want to ask yourself exactly what you expect the Bridge to do for you, especially if you factor in the cost of decent cables. 

Let us know how you get on - I am keen to hear the experiences of others who have made this comparison. 

Good luck,
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Dcs Network Bridge thread has been very silent for a long time. As far as I see, it is not generally prefered among Devialet Pro users. Does it seem overpriced for the SQ increase it offers for Devialet Pros which are already Roon endpoint? Most of the users seem to invest on Audiophile switches, power cables and prefer Nucs/Nucleus(plus) instead of DCS NB with their Devialet Pro setups.
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I added a DCS Network Bridge in my setup!The sound is great! Excellent transparency and clarity, nice tone colors, precision, great scene. The only downside is that the sound is slightly subtle and a slightly lack of body sound. Any idea to enlarge body sound?
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I do have a nucleus plus, a DCS network bridge and a JCat M12 gold Ethernet switch with my Devialet expert pro 1000. The set up works very well for me and quite pleased with the results. Whereas the sound of the new firmware for the expert pro is very good and almost matches the DCS NB sound, The stability of the network streaming from DCS is much better. There are no lags or drop outs. Works very well for me

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Hi all,
I'm using a PC based Roon setup which is feeding a 1000 Pro via AIR/RAAT via ethernet. The ethernet connection is highly optimized with a Sonore Optical Module, fiber transmission to a Cisco Meraki switch updated with an OCXO and a good linear power supply (Ferrum).
This gives an excellent SQ, but my question is if adding an external streamer like dCS NB or Lumin U1 would be an update compared to the CI board.
Has anybody tried that ?
Second question would be: dCS or Lumin U1 ? Or maybe Auralic Aries G2.1 ?

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