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Gold vs Silver vs White...
(06-Nov-2019, 00:22)Confused Wrote:
(05-Nov-2019, 22:08)HublotTimer Wrote: As I’ve already said it ALL are based on same hardware except the Gold one with the titanium tweeter.
So yes, clearly, Silver & Classic are only software-different
The Silver’s base cones, covers, or whatever the correct description might be, is a different material to the Classic / Gold.  So that is at least one difference.

I find it easy to believe that the rest of the hardware is the same, but can I ask where you obtained this information from?  Based on past events, there have been cases where information provided by Devialet support and representatives has proved to be less than 100% accurate.

As an open question to the forum, from a technical perspective does anyone know the significance of the Silvers base cone / cover material?  (Other than it being prone to picking up the odd dent in some cases). Or maybe they are the same material but the Golds and Classic are coated white and the Silvers not?

Silver woofers are just coated with a silver paint. The others are coated with a white polish. There’s not an actual hardware difference.

All the speakers are software managed to be at the level they are. The White Phantom could just as easily be 3000 watts or 4500 watts but it’s not smart to do that. Apart from the Gold with the titanium tweeter they are all the same inside. One product, different levels through software. Very big markup on the most expensive one because they would be less to manufacture than the White costs.

I’ve heard that maybe the Gold has a woofer excursion that is further than the White and Silver but I’ve never been able to tell the difference looking at them side by side.

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Devialet Phantom (White)
(05-Nov-2019, 16:30)Keind23 Wrote:
(05-Nov-2019, 16:24)HublotTimer Wrote: I just saw that Classic went 200€ up in price ! They didn't loose time !

I'm considering waiting for some price drop on Silver as they get discontinued !
Yep could be a good deal! Also confirmed from another source - a French HiFi retailer

Thank´s for your link. I didn´t understand one word bit I like the pic with the wall mount! 
Now it would be great if they have created it adjustable because I´m livin on the top floor and threre are roof slopes. Sometime it seems to me as if they are noch thinking about the next step while they are doing one step.
Well guys, I have to be honest. My Reactors exceeds my needs for the moment.

And to be completely honest I'm buying a Tesla and I really need the thousand € I would have spent upgrading my Reactors…

Golds are going to wait for a bit LoL !
2 x Phantom Reactor 600W - Stereo

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