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No news....!? Is Devialet Chat dying in it’s boredom?
They are French - they move at their own pace - give them a chance and hopefully they will find their feet again.
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Devialet can be ... frustrating. They do not communicate well. Their marketing does not foster credibility. But... I'm extremely happy with my 440 Pro. It sounds amazing and I'm having no problems whatsoever. So while I could wish Devialet would move faster & communicate better, in truth, I have nothing to complain about. Listening nightly is bliss defined and puts a smile on my face. I'll take what it is now and trust that the future (ok, perhaps not the near-term future) will yield even more things to be positive about.

Will Devialet screw that up? Perhaps, but right now, I'm quite content and that's a good thing.
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So what is this all about? Active cross-overs.
Probably only for uber expensive speakers with no internal crossover.

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(13-Nov-2018, 18:04)Drifter Wrote: So what is this all about? Active cross-overs.
Probably only for uber expensive speakers with no internal crossover.

Nothing on the Devialet website about it.
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Strange 8-)
(13-Nov-2018, 18:04)Drifter Wrote: So what is this all about? Active cross-overs.
Probably only for uber expensive speakers with no internal crossover.

It looks the same thing that was announced in Munich back in March......
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Hi Confused and others!

That's right there in Münich: we all 5 Devialet chat guys (oké including my wife...., so 4?) heard the Vivid speakers with 2.500 Watts of devialet RMS pro channel on it. Quanta costa? About € 200.000. And therefore it was one of the worst sounds I've ever heard (For the money of course, and yes I am old.....). It is by far no match for our own sound at home: the latest full range ESL and as a point source! 9 full range elektrostatic rings activated a couple of ms after each other; giving a point source about 30 cm behind the speaker like the famous stone in the water and those rings....

That brings me to this Devialet Idea! In Münich this year you could also see a never existing Quad ESL: 100 cm wide and about 210 cm tall. It will never be produced: I asked and it was only meant to let the world know what is technically possible. My idea is: it is not the solution to devide the frequency range into sub, low, mid and highs (sounds bad, ears are very sensitive to timefaults), but produce an Expert with 9 Devialet 900 Watt amplifiers in it and build it into the footcase of this new ESL. With time compensation between the 9 amplifiers. The perfect point source speaker is born. The only problem is the placing; here in the Netherlands (or New York city, Hong Kong, Tokyo etc) most people do not have the room for such a sound solution. But in the countryside, Africa and the USA....?

By the way:
1. is a Quad elektrostatic speaker (the new ones, very different with older models and I have had them all since 1979) perfect? No and yes. Read the absolute sound review of the 2812 on the internet and my solution for a perfect speaker? I have activated DSP correction at 325Hz +5db 2.0 curve in Roon and voila. The perfect sound, because there is - compared with a dynamic speaker - almost no distortion. Nothing beats it below 100dbA.
2. Three years back I heard in Münich a R&R Phantom: Mosconi DSP D-amplifiers and Focal KR165 speakers. With the help of the nice legs of my wife we got into the Rolls Royce and now we have that sound build in, into one of my cars: a Skoda-superB stationwagon for only € 3.200. Supersound for the money, and looks already like this DSP Devialet technology here mentioned! The next thing will be: devialet into the car; read my lips. SUPER
3. Out of the subject: just curious whether outside the Netherlands somebody has read about the Dutch judge who has condemned Pathé International this week for the payment of the ex-CFO of Pathé Netherlands (7 months à € 13.500). He was fired on the job in May. The (so-called) CEO fraud in Paris all started with an e-mail on march5th 2018 and ended in june with the payment of €19.200.000 to criminals........(for buying a secret company in Dubai). No Pathé personal was involved, but I immediately searched: our ex-Pathe CEO started on March 6 2018 within Devialet. A coincidence. But not nice for 100%: the Dutch judge has said the Pathé organisation was lacking internal controls and people were not educating to recognize CEO fraude. When I read the complete court decision I was thinking: the software planning of Devialet with its critical paths is much more complicated then executing internal controls against CEO fraud these days.... But oke: I am a financial auditor so that's my profession.

All by all I am incredible happy with my Devialet 220PRo. And sold 3 years back my Quad 24 pré and 80 power-tubes. As a Quadie! And now my tip: I bought almost 2 years ago a woowee adapter (NY, internet in 5 days, Paris, Frankfurt, A'dam) to fed the signal of this super amplifier into my Stax headphones and I have never, never heard the Stax's better. At home, at dealers and in Münich: 007Tube-800T even-SR009 no way. Funny. Oke, shielded speakercable and wbt's are not cheap, but the Devialet delivers!
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Source 2: Vodafone-Ziggo 1080i via Oppo 105D (Darbee 45%)
Source 3: Asus i7 16GbRAM W10-1809, Roon,Tidal, Spotify, Seagate 5TB HDD(2x), Audacity (=1350 recorded LP's 24/192), dBPoweramp
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Picture: BenQW2000 (Calibrated), Projecta Electrol 300x173 (122 Inch), LG Oled 4K

I recall the active crossovers being discussed at the OAC event last summer. The way it was described to me was that Devialet can say to the speaker manufacturers "tell us what the perfect characteristics for your crossover would be", and then armed with information, Devialet could create it electronically within the Expert's DSP. The idea being that a passive crossover has compromises and may suffer from phase and timing issues, together with losses, the Devialet solution could correct phase and timing within DSP and so offer a theoretically perfect crossover.

Peter mentions that that stet-up in Munich sounded bad. To be honest, looking at the room, I am not surprised! Hard floor, walls and a massive glass window, not the best for a good sound I suspect.

So if done correctly I think the Devialet system could produce good results. I think you would need to be relatively relaxed about the costs involved, any gains achieved would need to be balanced against the enormously high costs of this system. Imagine buying another 1000Pro, and a 250pro, and then getting the notification for the next upgrade scheme.

I might be wrong, but if you were spending this kind of money on an upgrade I suspect that better results could be found elsewhere.

I did briefly think that I could at least try this using my 1000Pro as two 250's with active crossover. I then remembered that this would involve ripping part of the crossovers out of my Blades. That thought has gone now!
1000 Pro - KEF Blade - SOtM sMS-200Ultra Neo - tX-USBultra - Mutec REF10 - MC3+USB - Pro-Ject Signature 12

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