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New App?
You'll be able to chose between PLC or Wifi and keep the settings.
I just want Bluetooth to be secured
Please excuse my poor reputation
So what’s the expectation? September release?
(09-Jul-2019, 18:46)streamy Wrote:
(09-Jul-2019, 16:01)DG3IL5 Wrote: You can be almost certain that the DIALOG box will disappear, and this is undoubtedly the reason why DEVIALET is currently offering it so generously for any purchase of 2 Phantom Premier. The liquidation of stock of products soon to be obsolete, disguised as a gift, made to the most zealous customers, is a clever move... at least until these same customers realize in 2~3 months that this gift - which never was one - now has no value other than these (quite questionable) decorative qualities.
I hope Devialet won’t be that stupid to drop the Dialog. It is essential for using PLC and PLC allows to not have to use WiFi or Ethernet for streaming content to the Phantoms. In places with weak WiFi and lack of Ethernet cabling PLC is great and works for me 100% reliable on 3 Phantoms without loading my WiFi. I’m not confident that 3 or more Phantoms will work fine with 24bit/192k streams on a consumer WiFi to the garden or patio in full synchronization and then from which server? An iPhone? Sure, Roon RAAT could be an alternative, but the load on a private WiFi network will increase and might impact ‘family use’ whereas a proprietary PLC network used by Phantoms and Dialog does not. A better Dialog that replaces my almost 5 year old one, one with more and better inputs (hdmi, better optical, maybe also analog input, and ...) and RAAT would really be welcome! Let’s keep hopes high!
I agree that the Dialog should be kept but made optional for stereo pairing.  Not everyone has good WiFi, so good to have this wired option

I also think Devialet should upgrade the Dialog to improve connectivity for home theatre use and improve the cooling.

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